MobiHoc 2005


Information for Poster Session Presenters 

  • One easel will be provided to each Poster Session paper.
  • One foam board measuring 40" by 60" will be provided along with thumb tacks. 
  • All poster session set-ups can be done 12:30pm-2pm on Thursday, May 26. The foam board can be picked up at the Registration Desk during12:30pm-2pm on Thursday, May 26, along with thumb tacks, and then people can attach their Poster to it, and put it up on the easel during the lunch break from 12:30-2pm on Thursday. The setup will then be all ready for attendees for the Poster Session (which takes place 3:30-5:30pm on Thursday, May 26)
  • People can bring their poster in a roll, and just mount it at the conference site, as above. Alternatively they can contact Kinko's, a local private copying company. This can be done over the web/email: 
    • Go to the website: 
    • Then go to the tab: Office/Print Services. 
    • If you type in the zip code 61801, then you will see the following Kinko's location, at which you can make your own arrangements for having your Poster printed out. 
  • MobiHoc is not responsible for arranging for, printing, collecting, or paying for these services. We are providing this information about Kinko's just for your convenience. You are responsible for making your own arrangements with Kinko's. 


Poster Presenters 


Last modified 09-May.-2005