MobiHoc 2009 Panel

Future of Multi-hopping: from Theory to Practice

Moderator: Konstantinos Psounis, University of Southern California

Panelists:  Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Tech
                John Baras, University of Maryland
                Ness Shroff, Ohio State University
                Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University

The research community has been fascinated by the challenges posed by multi-hopping for over a decade, and has produced a number of interesting theoretical results and innovative solutions for many of these challenges. However, despite the plethora of envisioned applications for many multi-hop architectures, e.g. mesh, sensor, and ad-hoc, the reality is that there are only a few real-world success stories involving multi-hopping. The panel plans to discuss how we can move more effectively from theory to practice, and debate whether it is a matter of time for more real-world applications to materialize, or cost-related and other real-world considerations will restrict the use of multi-hopping to only a few specialized applications.


Sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE. Supported by US NSF Foundation and NEC Labs America.