MobiHoc 2006



Wednesday 24 May, 16.00 - 17.15

Putting Technologies for Channelized Multi-hop Wireless Networks on trial: Increasing Throughput or Complexity?

Panel Organizer: Tom La Porta (Penn State University)


A great deal of research has addressed methods of resolving contention or channelizing multi-hop wireless networks. This work has gained more attention recently with the increased number of channels available on 802.11 networks and with new research programs being established targetting networks of agile and cognitive radios. With these advancements recent research has focussed on channelizing multi-hop wireless networks to remove or reduce contention. Many solutions have been proposed, ranging from equipping devices with multiple interfaces, using highly agile radios, and deploying multi-antenna systems. More traditional approaches include scheduling-based methods. A valid question is whether these solutions provide a significant benefit over traditional contention resolution protocols given the complexity and cost they may add to the system. The panelists will discuss the state-of-the-art with respect to this research area and give their views on the potential success of these techniques. They will also give their opinions on which deployment options are most viable.


Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Edward Knightly
Nitin Vaidya
Adam Wolisz


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