InterContinental Hotel Seoul Coex

InterContinental Seoul COEX is a modern business hotel, located at the center of Seoul. The hotel has rooms with a charming view of the Hangang River and downtown Seoul. MobiSys attendees have various options for accommodations around the venue. Within 2km, you can find four 5-star hotels, five 4-star hotels, and thirteen 3-star hotels in various price ranges starting at $50.



We recommend taking BUSES to Intercontinental COEX SEOUL (conference venue), which is fast and convenient. Buses depart from Incheon Airport every 15 to 20 minutes, and it takes 1.5 - 1.75 hours to COEX.

BUS 6103: Incheon Airport → COEX City Airport, KRW 15,000
  • starting point: Terminal 1 Bus stop location (Level 1, No. 7) or Terminal 2 Bus stop location (Transportation center Basement 1 No. 22)
BUS 6006: Incheon Airport → COEX (Samseong Stn.), KRW 15,000
  • starting point: Terminal 1 Bus stop location (Level 4, No. 4) or Terminal 2 Bus stop location (Transportation center Basement 1 No. 14)

Airport Railroad (AREX) and Subway

You can reach the venue by taking Airport Railroad (AREX) and subway. However, the transit makes the route quite complex (hence, we recommend taking the bus option). To get to the venue via AREX and subway (two hours of estimated travel time)

  1. Take AREX from Incheon International Airport
  2. Transfer to Line number 2 at Hongik University Station
  3. Take the No. 2 line and get off at Samsung Station


Seoul has been the capital city of Korea since 1392. This city is the heart of the Republic of Korea, home to 10 million of the nation’s 52 million people. Seoul is located in the central region of the Korean Peninsula. It is the center of finance, politics, commerce, recreation, education, and culture. It is also a home to major corporations, banks, government offices, schools, theaters, and entertainment facilities. The wide and beautiful Hangang River flows across the center of Seoul and serves as a lifeline for the heavily concentrated population. There are rich and satisfying varieties of things to see and do for residents and visitors alike.

Seoul is a metropolis of cutting-edge technology. It is one of the few cities in the world where innovative mobile and information technologies are premiered and experienced in everyday life. It is serviced by the widely acclaimed Incheon International Airport and an extensive, cutting-edge public transportation. This city is blessed with many natural beauties, like mountains, rivers, and urban spaces all combined to produce a picture-perfect city.