ACM ACM MobiSys 2021

The 19th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services

June 24 - July 2, 2021 • Mars, Solar System, Milky Way

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Meet Your Fellow Martians (Game Ends on Thursday, July 1st)

This is a simple and fun game, and hopefully, an icebreaker for the community in the online format. In the first Social hour (Tue 1410 ET start) we will play this game, where anyone who identifies as a student is expected to meet any non-student to discover non-student individuals with specific accomplishments or experiences, or lets say “properties”.

The game will happen in Look for people anywhere that you can find in Note, that in you may not immediately know who is a student and who is not. So try and meet everyone, check who they are, chat with them, and continue to meet others.

Before you start, fill out this form , which will require everyone at the social hour (including non-students) to simply enter a keyword which will be used as a mechanism to identify a “contact” between a student and a non-student. Our ultra-simple secure-authentication protocol for Martians.

When you have any such contact, the student and the non-student will exchange their individual keywords. Each person (student or non-student) will log the names of the persons they met this way, whether they have the accomplishment or experience or not. Note that you do not have to know ahead of time if the person is, for example, a past general chair, or not. Just ask and find out. Of course, if you know a person like that, then you can tell that person you would like his/her keyword because of the specific reason.

Scores for students

You only get points for meeting non-students. For each person with the listed accomplishment or experience, you meet and can report, you get 5 points. For each person that does not meet the listed accomplishment or experience, you get 2 points. At the end of the hour, you are expected to enter the list of people you met along with their keywords. The student with the most points, win and get an award. Simple, right?

Scores for non-students

You get points for meeting students only. You can also go out to meet anyone who is a student. You get 1 point for each student who you meet. You have to enter the student’s name and his/her keyword. A person with most points win and get an award, too.

At the end of the hour, enter the final tally here , as a sequence of Names, Keyword, Accomplishment details, or NA.

So who are the kinds of people students should be looking for to get points?

Here is a list of individuals with specific accomplishments or experiences or “properties”. The more you meet, the more points you get. The students’ job is, during the social hour, to meet as many non-students, introduce themselves, and ask them if the non-student has that accomplishment or experience, or “property.”

Note that if an individual meets multiple categories at the same time, you can get a multiplier of the points. And you can of course get more points if you meet multiple people in the same category.

Some tips for students: Go around meeting people. Introduce yourselves. Speak for a few minutes.

Some tips for non-students: Do not provide your keyword instantly. Chat with the student for at least a few minutes.

Tips for both: Exchange your keywords, and record them, to be consistent.

For non-students: Log the names of the students and their keywords. 1 point for each student.


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