ACM ACM MobiSys 2021

The 19th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services

June 24 - July 2, 2021 • Mars, Solar System, Milky Way

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Main Conference

Paper presentations are going to be pre-recorded and played during the conference, while Q&A after the presentation will be live. The final program will be posted soon on the conference website.

When preparing the presentations, we recommend you to focus on the key innovation and high-level ideas, and to favor intuition over detailed explanations. It is even more so with a pre-recorded presentation, where the risk of losing people’s attention is high. You do not want your work to go unnoticed because of this. Remember that attendees can always look up your paper to find the details.

We request the presenters to record a teaser video no longer than 1.5 minutes and a main conference video no longer than 15 minutes. Teaser videos will be made publicly available on the ACM SIGMOBILE YouTube channel as soon as they are received, with the idea of garnering attention and interest a few weeks in advance of the main conference. We encourage you to come up with unconventional formats/new ideas/cool modalities for the teaser videos. Imagine your teaser video to be a commercial for your work, NOT a super-condensed paper presentation. The main conference videos will only be made publicly available on the first day of the conference.

We request authors to upload the teaser video no later than June 11th, and the main conference video no later than by June 18th. The video file MUST meet the following requirements:

Please check that the audio level IS NOT too low. You name your video files as

Example: 23_Davis_TheBestMobiSysSystemOfTheWorld-TEASER.mp4


Example: 23_Davis_TheBestMobiSysSystemOfTheWorld-TALK.mp4

All paper presentation videos must be accompanied by a signed release form. Authors who will be presenting the work are requested to email Siddharth at to receive an audio/video release and consent form. The audio/video release and consent form, which gives ACM SIGMOBILE permission to host presenters' talks on YouTube, will be sent to the presenter using DocuSign. Once the signed consent is received, a Dropbox link will be sent to the email address of the presenter to upload both the teaser and main conference video.

If you have problems with uploading your recorded video or have questions, please feel free to reach out to Siddharth at While you are free to use any video recording/editing software, a good option that works across Windows and Mac is the recording feature in Zoom. Zoom allows you to share your screen, turn on your webcam and record your presentation, even when you are not in a meeting.


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