ACM SenSys

The ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) introduces a highly selective, single-track forum for research on systems issues of sensors and sensor-enabled smart systems, broadly defined. Systems of smart sensors will revolutionize a wide array of application areas by providing an unprecedented density and fidelity of instrumentation. They also present various systems challenges because of resource constraints, uncertainty, irregularity, mobility, and scale. This conference provides an ideal venue to address research challenges facing the design, development, deployment, use, and fundamental limits of these systems. Sensing systems require contributions from many fields, from wireless communication and networking, embedded systems and hardware, energy harvesting and management, distributed systems and algorithms, data management, and applications, so we welcome cross-disciplinary work.

SenSys the leading conference for research on systems of networked sensing and actuation. It is jointly sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM, SIGMOBILE, SIGARCH, SIGOPS, SIGMETRICS, and SIGBED.

SenSys conferences have been held across the world:

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