Events Sponsored by SIGMOBILE

ACM SIGMOBILE sponsors or co-sponsors the following international conferences/workshops, providing our members and the community a range of opportunities every year to meet with colleagues and learn about the latest research across areas of mobile computing:


The ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, covers all areas of mobile computing and mobile and wireless networking at the link layer and above. MobiCom has been held every year since 1995.


The ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing, addresses the challenges emerging from wireless ad hoc networking and computing, with the focus being on issues at and above the MAC layer. MobiHoc has been held every year since 2000.


The International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, addresses broad systems research issues in mobile computing and mobile networking, particularly valuing the practical experience gained from designing, building, and using mobile systems, applications, and services. MobiSys has been held every year since 2003 and is jointly sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE and The USENIX Association.


The ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, focuses on systems issues in the emerging area of embedded, networked sensors, spanning multiple disciplines, including wireless communication, networking, operating systems, architecture, low-power circuits, distributed algorithms, data processing, scheduling, sensors, energy harvesting, and signal processing. SenSys has been held every year since 2003 and is jointly sponsored by SIGMOBILE together with ACM SIGARCH, SIGCOMM, SIGMETRICS, and SIGOPS.


The International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, covers the research and development that utilizes and integrates pervasive, wireless, embedded, wearable and/or mobile technologies to bridge the gaps between the digital and physical worlds.


The ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing addresses new challenges and opportunities that arise as the consolidation of cloud computing meets the dispersion of "the internet of everything". SEC is a new conference in this emerging area that has been held yearly since 2016.


The ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays addressess opportunities and challenges raised by the emergence of pervasive display systems as a new communication medium for public and semi-public spaces.


HotMobile is a series of highly selective, interactive workshops focused on mobile applications, systems, and environments, as well as their underlying state-of-the-art technologies. HotMobile's small workshop format makes it ideal for presenting and discussing new directions or controversial approaches.

Printed copies of the Proceedings from these conferences or workshop are available for purchase from from ACM's e-store. Electronic copies of papers published at these conferences can be downloaded from ACM's Digital Library.