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SIGMOBILE, formed in 1996, is an international community of researchers and practitioners who perform research in the theory and practice of all areas related to the mobility of systems, users, data,...


SIGMOBILE also keeps its members informed about news and event announcements in mobile computing and communications via email distribution lists. Below are the policies for our two email lists:

SIGMOBILE-MEMBERS at LISTSERV.ACM.ORG is used exclusively for email announcements for SIG members. This includes our periodic email newsletter. It may include announcements that are particularly relevant to the members, but not CFPs. This list is populated with those who have active SIGMOBILE membership, plus those who fall within a 3-month grace period. New members will continue to be added and anyone who falls past the grace period will be trimmed off.

SIGMOBILE-INTEREST at LISTSERV.ACM.ORG is used to disseminate any relevant CFPs and support discussions amongst the community. Relevant CFPs will include SIGMOBILE sponsored events as well as non-SIGMOBILE sponsored events that are related to mobility. You can find all ACM lists here. It is our hope that the myriad of conference and workshop specific email lists will merge into this single SIGMOBILE-INTEREST mailing list. If you manage any of those other lists, please contact the SIGMOBILE Information Director to merge the lists.

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