Newsletter of October 2017

Upcoming SIG Events

  • ACM SenSys 2017 and BuildSys 2017 will be collocated in November 5 - 8, in Delft, Netherland. Check out the program here.
  • ACM MobiSys 2018 will be held in Munich Germany. The submission deadline is December 8th. The call for paper is up.
  • ACM HotMobile 2018 will be held in Tempe, Arizona. The submission deadline has just passed, and TPC members are starting to review the submissions.
  • ACM MobiCom 2018 will be held in Delhi, India. The general chairs and technical program chairs will be determined later.
  • ACM MobiHoc 2018 will be held in Los Angeles in June 2018. The deadline of paper submissions is December 15, 2017.

SIG News

  • ACM MobiCom 2017 was wrapped up last week in Snowbird, Utah. We had very well attended and interesting keynotes from Prof. Hari Balakrishnan, our new rockstar award winner Shyam Gollakota, and our very own Thyagarajan Nandagopal from NSF. Hari shared with us his endeavor on making roads safer with mobile sensing and data analytics and his startup Cambridge Mobile Telematics. Shyam gave an inspiring talk on his fascinating work on backscatter and wireless sensing, and how he has been navigating the chasm between curiosity and impact driven research. Thyaga shared his perspectives from NSF on future mobile and wireless research.

    We also had many excellent papers and demos presented in the conference, which triggered active discussions and interactions. Plus, eight workshops have been successfully co-held before and after the main conference. Check out the gallery on our Facebook page:

    We celebrated the following paper awards in this year’s program. Kudos to all authors!

    • Best paper: WEBee: Physical-Layer Cross-Technology Communication via Emulation. Zhijun Li (University of Minnesota); Tian He (University of Minnesota).
    • Best community paper: The Tick Programmable Low-Latency SDR System. Haoyang Wu, Tao Wang (Peking University), Zengwen Yuan (University of California, Los Angeles), Chunyi Peng (Purdue University), Zhiwei Li (Peking University), Zhaowei Tan (University of California, Los Angeles), Boyan Ding (Peking University), Xiaoguang Li (Peking University), Yuanjie Li (University of California, Los Angeles), Jun Liu (Peking University), Songwu Lu (University of California, Los Angeles).
    • Best video: TinyLink: A Holistic System for Rapid Development of IoT Applications. Gaoyang Guan, Wei Dong, Yi Gao, Kaibo Fu, Zhihao Cheng (Zhejiang University).
    • Best demo: Orion: A Radio Access Network Slicing System. Xenofon Foukas (University of Edinburgh); Mahesh K. Marina (University of Edinburgh); Kimon Kontovasilis (NCSR Demokritos).

    Last but not least, congratulations to the winners of this year’s Student Research Competition!
    Undergraduate category:

    • Gold medal: Arjun Balasingam (Stanford University): Broadcast LTE Data Reveals Application Type.
    • Silver medal: Yue Wu (Peking University): Smart RF Table enables IoT on a Desk.
    • Bronze medal: Yang Shen (Peking University): LightPark: A VLC Solution for Smart Parking.

    Graduate category:

    • Gold medal: Andreas Soleiman (Uppsala University, Sweden): Battery-free Visible Light Sensing.
    • Silver medal: Elahe Soltanaghaei (University of Virginia): MIMO Smoothing: Improving Multipath Resolution Using Joint Spatial and Frequential Diversity.
    • Bronze medal: Swetank Kumar Saha (University at Buffalo, SUNY): Can MPTCP improve Performance for Dual-Band 60 GHz/5 GHz Clients?
  • Under the leadership of Prof. Cecilia Mascolo, the committee of SIGMOBILE research highlights have already selected six papers as the highlight papers, which are among the best in recent MobiSys, MobiCom, and SenSys. The following two papers were selected in the latest round:

  • With Prof. Marco Gruteser as the new SIGMOBILE chair, there have been changes in the SIGMOBILE leadership team. The current team consists of:

    • Rajesh Balan - Student Engagement Director
    • Viet Nguyen - Video Director
    • David Culler & Lili Qui - Dissertation Award Co-Chairs
    • Edward Knightly - Outstanding Contribution and Rockstar Awards Chair
    • Cecilia Mascolo - Research Highlights Chair
    • Xia Zhou - Information Director
    • Mariya Zheleva - Publication Director
    • Kasthuri Jayarajah - Web Director
    • Tadashi Okoshi – Social Media Director
    • Eyal de Lara – MC2R Editor-in-Chief
  • Pointers: Our social media (managed by Dr. Tadashi Okoshi) can be accessed here: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We are redesigning our website (managed by Kasthuri Jayarajah) and you can preview our work-in-progress here. If you have experience with web design in Craft and are interested in helping out, please email me.

  • The SIG is preparing several new initiatives that were discussed at the SIGMOBILE business meeting. Stay tuned for more information.

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