MobiCom 2011 / Las Vegas, Nevada
              / September 19-23, 2011


 Advance Program 


   Tuesday, September 20 

8:30am-10:00pm Plenary Session
Keynote Speaker: Rajit Gadh (Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA)
10:00am-10:30am Break
10:30am-12:00pm Enterprise Wireless
Session Chair: Victor Bahl (Microsoft Research)
  • FLUID: Improving Throughputs in Entreprise Wireless LANs through Flexible Channelization, (Slides),
    Shravan Rayanchu (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA); Vivek Shrivastava (Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto); Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA); and Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft, USA)
  • SmartVNC: An Effective Remote Computing Solution for Smartphones, (Slides),
    Cheng-Lin Tsao, Sandeep Kakumanu, and Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Tech University, USA)
  • FERMI: A FEmtocell Resource Management System for Interference Mitigation in OFDMA Networks, (Slides),
    Mustafa Yasir Arslan (University of California Riverside, USA); Jongwon Yoon (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA); Karthikeyan Sundaresan (NEC Laboratories America, USA); Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy (University of California Riverside, USA); Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA); Mustafa Arslan
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm Wireless Access
Session Chair: Romit Roy Choudhury (Duke University)
  • WiFi-Nano: Reclaiming WiFi Efficiency through 800ns Slots, (Slides),
    Eugenio Magistretti (Rice University, USA); Krishna Kant Chintalapudi (Microsoft Research, India); Bozidar Radunovic (Microsoft Research, U.K.); and Ramachandran Ramjee (Microsoft Research, India)
  • XPRESS: A Cross-Layer Backpressure Architecture for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks, (Slides),
    Rafael Laufer (University of California at Los Angeles, USA); Theodoros Salonidis; Henrik Lundgren and Pascal Leguyadec (Technicolor, Corporate Research Lab, France)
  • CRMA: Collision-Resistant Multiple Access, (Slides),
    Tianji Li, Mi Kyung Han, Apurva Bhartia, Lili Qiu, Eric Rozner, and Ying Zhang (University of Texas at Austin, USA); Brad Zarikoff (Hamilton Institute, Ireland)
3:00pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Demos and Poster Presentations
The poster presentations also include students competing in the (ACM Student Research Competition).
5:00pm-5:15pm Break
5:15pm-6:15pm Outrageous Opinions (Call for Speakers)
6:15pm-7:00pm Open SIGMOBILE Business Meeting
An open meeting to discuss issues relevant to SIGMOBILE (the ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data, and Computing). ACM SIGMOBILE is the sponsor and organizer of the annual MobiCom conference, as well as other conferences and workshops including MobiHoc, MobiSys, UbiComp, SenSys, and HotMobile. This open meeting addresses issues such as future SIGMOBILE conference activities, publications, budget, and membership. Everyone interested is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

   Wednesday, September 21 

8:00am-10:00am Applications
Session Chair: Ben Greenstein (Google)
  • SociableSense: Exploring the Trade-offs of Adaptive Sampling and Computation Offloading for Social Sensing, (Slides),
    Kiran K. Rachuri, Cecilia Mascolo, Mirco Musolesi, and Peter J. Rentfrow (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Overlapping Communities in Dynamic Networks: Their Detection and how they can help Mobile Applications, (Slides)
    Nam P. Nguyen, Thang N. Dinh, Sindhura Tokala, and My T. Thai (University of Florida, USA)
  • Detecting Driver Phone Use Leveraging Car Speakers, (Slides),
    Jie Yang and Simon Sdhom> (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA); Gayathri Chandrasekaran and Tam Vu (Rutgers University, USA); Hongbo Liu (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA); Nicolae Cecan (Rutgers University, USA); Yingying Chen (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA); Marco Gruteser and Richard P. Martin (Rutgers University, USA)
    Best Paper Award
  • I Am the Antenna: Accurate Outdoor AP Location Using Smartphones, (Slides)
    Zengbin Zhang, Xia Zhou, Weile Zhang, Yuanyang Zhang, Gang Wang, Ben Y. Zhao, and Haitao Zheng (University of Calfornia at Santa Barbara, USA)
10:00am-10:30am Break
10:30am-12:00pm Cellular Networks
Session Chair: Moustafa Youssef (Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology)
  • Traffic-Driven Power Saving in Operational 3G Networks, (Slides),
    Chunyi Peng, Suk-Bok Lee, Songwu Lu, and Haiyun Luo (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)
  • MOTA: Engineering an Operator Agnostic Mobile Service, (Slides),
    Supratim Deb, Kanthi Nagaraj, and Vikram Srinivasan (Bell Labs Research, India)
  • Anonymization of Location Data Does Not Work: A Large-Scale Measurement Study, (Slides),
    Hui Zang and Jean Bolot (Sprint Applied Research, USA)
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm Infrastructureless Networking
Session Chair: Vikram Srinivasan (Alcatel-Lucent India)
  • Enhance & Explore: An Adaptive Algorithm to Maximize the Utility of Wireless Networks, (Slides),
    Adel Aziz and Julien Herzen (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland); Ruben Merz (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany); Seva Shneer (Heriot-Watt University, UK); and Patrick Thiran (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Scoop: Decentralized and Opportunistic Multicasting of Information Streams, (Slides),
    Dinan Gunawardena, Thomas Karagiannis, and Alexandre Proutiere (Microsoft Research Europe, UK); Elizeu Santos-Neto (University of British Columbia, Canada); and Milan Vojnovic (Microsoft Research Europe, UK)
  • R3: Robust Replication Routing Wireless Networks with Diverse Connectivity, (Slides),
    Xiaozheng Tie, Arun Venkataramani (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA) and Aruna Balasubramanian (University of Washington).
  • Flooding-Resilient Broadcast Authentication for VANETs, (Slides),
    Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Ahren Studer, Chen Chen, and Adrian Perrig (Carnegie Mellon University, USA); and Fan Bai, Bhargav Bellur, and Aravind Iyer (General Motors Research)
3:30pm-4:00pm Break
4:00pm-5:30pm Protocols
Session Chair: Lili Qiu (University of Texas at Austin)
  • E-MiLi: energy-Minimizing Idle Listening in Wireless Networks, (Slides),
    Xinyu Zhang and Kang G. Shin (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA)
    Best Paper Award
  • Refactoring Content Overhearing to Improve Wireless Performance, (Slides),
    Shan-Hsiang Shen, Aaron Gember, Ashok Anand, and Aditya Akella (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
  • Distributed Spectrum Management and Relay Selection in Interference-Limited Cooperative Wireless Networks, (Slides),
    Zhangyu Guan (Shandong University, P. R. China); Tommaso Melodia (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA); Donfeng Yuan (Shandong University, P. R. China); and Dimitris A. Pados (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA)
5:30pm-6:30pm Panel: "Future Trends in Mobile Computing: Challenges and Opportunities"
Panel Chair and Moderator: Xi Zhang (Texas A&M University, USA)
Panelists: Santanu K. Das (Office of Naval Research, USA), Mario Gerla (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), Kang G. Shin (The University of Michigan, USA), and Min Song (National Science Foundation, USA)
7:00pm-9:30pm Banquet

   Thursday, September 22 

8:30am-10:00am Plenary Session
Keynote Speaker: Farnan Jahanian (University of Michigan, NSF)
10:00am-10:30pm Break
10:30am-12:00pm MAC/PHY Advances
Session Chair: Sunghyun Choi (Seoul National University)
  • No Time to Countdown: Migrating Backoff to the Frequency Domain, (Slides),
    Souvik Sen and Romit Roy Choudhury (Duke University, USA); and Srihari Nelakuditi (University of South Carolina, USA)
  • Harnessing Frequency Diversity in Multicarrier Wireless Networks, (Slides),
    Apurv Bhartia, Yi-Chao Chen, Swati Rallapalli, and Lili Qiu (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
  • Beamforming on Mobile Devices: A first Study, (Slides),
    Hang Yu, Lin Zhong, Ashutosh Sabharwal, David Kao (Rice University, USA)
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm Physical Layer
Session Chair: Robin Kravets (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • FlexCast: Graceful Wireless Video Streaming, (Slides),
    S T Aditya and Sachin Katti (Stanford University, USA)
  • A Cross-Layer Design for Scalable Mobile Video, (Slides),
    Szymon Jakubczak and Dina Katabi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Practical, Real-time Full Duplex Wireless, (Slides),
    Mayank Jain, Jung II Choi, Tae Min Kim, Dinesh Bharadia, Kanna Srinivasan, Philip Levis and Sachin Katti (Stanford University, USA); Prasun Sinha (Ohio State University, USA); and Siddharth Seth (Stanford University, USA)
3:00pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Theory
Session Chair: Thomas Moscibroda (Microsoft Research Asia)
  • Understanding Stateful vs Stateless Communication Strategies for Ad hoc Networks, (Slides),
    Victoria Manfredi and Mark Crovella (Boston University, USA); and Jim Kurose (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
  • Optimal Gateway Selection in Multi-domain Wireless Networks: A Potential Game Perspective, (Slides),
    Yang Song, H. Y. Wong, and Kang-Won Lee (IBM Research, USA)
  • Fundamental Relationship between Node Density and Delay in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Unreliable Links, (Slides),
    Shizhen Zhao, Luoyi Fu, and Xinbing Wang (Shanghai JiaoTong University, China); and Qian Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)

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